Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nothing new on race day

The last long training run saw me try out the Chomps I'd picked up earlier in the week. Compared to the Cran-Razz Shot Bloks the packaging was slightly easy to open, had a slightly firmer texture (less teeth stickage) and weren't quite as sweet. I plan on relying on gels for the majority of my fueling come race day, but I tend to find the longer I'm out there the faster I seem to burn through the energy, whether it's true or not, who knows, but it certainly feels that way. I plan to "top up" with these. I definitely prefer these to the Power shots, which I think work better on the bike.

Run: 1:30 | 14.3km | 6:17/km. I considered putting this off until tomorrow. I just didn't have the best night's sleep. But the blues skies were enticing I knew it would be worthwhile to not have this hanging over me. And now it's done. The Garmin played up a little and kept measuring my kms short which I found off putting. Due to tiredness I really had to focus on midfoot rather than heel striking, so it's something I'll need to remember for race day.

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  1. Mm- I love chomps! (and clif shots, and all those things)