Friday, January 27, 2012

Portsea Twilight Run 2012

This is how behind I am, I haven't even recapped the Portsea Twilight Run! This year they changed the run course and the start/finish line, all for the better. The course was longer than last year, just as tough and beautiful and the start/finish line was on one massive patch of land that allowed for plenty of lazing about prior to running. And a great stretch for the undie run, in which my partner (bravely) participated in and to our delight did not run too shabbily at all. Next year he'll seed himself closer to the front.

Considering the undulations I was not at all unhappy with my pace. I ran the majority of the way with M. Our running has improved no end, I pulled her up the hills and she encouraged me to run faster down them. In the last 2km she'd pulled away, but I worked hard to lessen the distance, with 200m to go I ran past her and told her to go for it. She's renowned for a sprint finish and did pip me at the post, we had a good laugh about it.

Hands down I'll do everything I can to run this again next year.

Portsea Twilight Run: 44:27 | 7.7km | 5:46/km

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hit it

Last week I promised myself I would get in an additional three sessions to the PE sessions that were timetabled (of which there were two). I made an effort to stay back late a couple of nights and was able to use a spare class for exercise, I felt a million times better for it.

Now I have to decide on a health/fitness magazine subscription! Suggestions welcomed.

Tues 17/01
Swim: 33m | 1500m | 2:12/100m. 3x 500 sets

Wed 18/01
Bike trainer: 30 mins. HR avg 133 HR max 158
Run: 6:48 | 1.2km | 5.40/km. Quick run off the bike.

Thurs 19/01
Swim: 43:27 | 2000m | 2:10/100m. Pyramid swim 100, 200, 300, 400, 400, 300, 200, 10. The time flew

Sun 22/01
Strength/Conditioning & Boxing: 1hr

Monday, January 23, 2012

One thing off the list

On Sunday the 15th of December I got up earlier than I usually would to get to work (that's saying something these days) to volunteer at the Two Bays Trail Run. And I'm so glad I did, because dare I say I had as much fun as the 28km & 56km runners!

Initially disappointed that I wasn't placed with a friend who was also volunteering, I had a ball once the runners started coming through. I had my music going and tried to make eye contact and give a big smile and words of encouragement to every runner.

During our break we were able to head to the 28km to see P finish and then make it back for our second shift to cheer the 56km runners back home. The bonus of volunteering means we have a free entry for next year, I will be doing all in my power to be fit enough to run the 28km.

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012: The year of the 2 hour half marathon

I dubbed 2011 The Year of the Marathon. It was all about 42.2kms on the Gold Coast and I had a blast training and running it. It was disappointing to not be able to back it up for the Melbourne Marathon, but the ITB injury has allowed me to step back from distance to focus on slightly faster speeds.

The other big life goal was to pursue a new career and after starting the application process at the start of 2011, late December I started on a new vocational journey.

As I've mentioned I don't do resolutions per se, but I do like to set myself goals for the year. There's 12 on the list for 2012 funnily enough (some left over from last year!). However half of them are fitness/health related:
• Run 2 half marathons
Ultimate goal: A sub 2 hour half marathon (I'll happily take 2 hours flat!)
• Race volunteer
• Obtain level 10 in the beep test
• Weigh 55kgs
• Ride 1000kms

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monthly totals: December 2011

Better late than never, right? This week I do my best to catch up.

: 4:01:30 | 100.04 km
Run: 5:04:42 | 49.88 km
Swim: 35m | 1700m
Strength: 1:15
Fitness testing: 15m
Kickboxing: 1:30
Walking: 2:30

Weight: Got down to 60kg, but hovered around the 61.5kg mark after the inevitable Christmas/NY eat-fest!

Here's the yearly recap:
Cycling: 39:24:17 | 842.57 km (-1,876km from '10)
Running: 118:36:23 | 1112.42 km (+434km from '10)
Swimming: 4:48:30 | 13100m (+8km from '10)
Strength: 9:02:00
Adventure racing: 4:29:32
Bike Trainer: 2:46:00
Hiking: 2:50:00
Horse Riding: 1:00:00
Kayaking: 4:00:00
Kickboxing: 16:00:00
Massage: 3:35:00
Race Volunteering: 5:30:00
Stretching: 15m
Walking: 37:25:00
: 6:00:00

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Advent Challenge recap

Cast your minds back to the Advent Challenge...
I thought it was time for a recap. I hit 20 days out of 25 or 80% of my target, I wasn't too disappointed in that at all given the season. I 'earned' myself $40 towards a health/fitness magazine subscription. If I can hit 3 additional sessions to the 2 Physical Training sessions we have scheduled this coming week, that magazine subscription will be mine!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Under the pump

Overwhelmed much? Yep!
But all is well, I'm hoping a proper update is on the cards later in the week.