Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Double the fun

Two posts in one day and two training sessions. Virtually unheard of around here. Punched out a run this morning, then got to spend a glorious bit of the afternoon on the bike (first time in a long time) with my Mum, stopping for the obligatory coffee. Then when it finally came time to shower I had a stunning view of the large moon and pink sky (thanks volcano ash) as the sun set.

Run: 1:21:04 | 12.75km | 6:21m/km. Meh. Did not feel awesome. Felt like an effort when it probably shouldn't have. Under-fueled from yesterdays efforts, dehydrated, who knows?

Bike: 1:05 | 23.13km | 21.35km/hr. We hit up a couple of laps of Albert Park and then took in the smallest sniff of Beach Rd. After this morning's run and the fact I haven't been on Pearl forever I didn't want to push it.

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