Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the trail

The marathon hasn't even been run yet, I've no idea how my body will respond (guaranteed I won't be able to walk properly until three days later) but I'm already looking at a possible next event. I have my eyes on the Salomon Trail Running Series. Race 1 coincides with the marathon, but I'll be good to go for either Race 2 or 3. Maybe both?

My trail running experience is limited to the 2010 The Mountain High Fun run at Mt Buller. But I'm up for new a challenge. Trail running kinda scares me, because it seems hard. Wait that Buller run was hard! Or maybe because it seems a little more hardcore. Or perhaps it's all in my head. Whatever, I'm hoping to have a crack.

Run: 52:17 | 8.55km | 6:07/km. Ran from Essendon to and beyond the Afton Street Conservation park. There's some hills out the back there and the thought of running flat today wasn't doing it for me. Plus it is quite nice to run on a slightly softer surface. The hills were tough, but I felt really strong out there today. May have had something to do with the epic tailwind! I sailed back.

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