Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strength hacks

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't love strength training. Perhaps because I never see results - because I never stick with it long enough, an ongoing cycle, I'm the first to admit it. Running, cycling, swimming all give feedback - speed. Speed is so easy to see and track. It's instant gratification. Strength training requires more patience. Patience I don't have? Uh, yeah.

That said, one of my goals this month was to double last month's strength efforts. I'm an hour away and my goal this week is to reach the target. Being able to tick one thing off my list is what motivates me.

I get the sessions done one of two ways:
1. Tune into NovaNation (hello! trashy dance), set my timer for 25 mins and do all my favourite exercises. And even some of my least fave, like the plank. I rest briefly between sets and count 20 mins towards my strength total.

2. Use the Nike Training Club app - currently free, and follow the workouts. Yay no decision making, just do. The added bonus being that there are videos to show you how to do the exercises properly, which is good for someone as uncordinated as myself.

Any sticking with strength tips? Or reasons why you like it? I'm all ears.

Run: 31:53 | 5.49kms | 5:48/km. Speed session. Met B at the Tan and ran down the hill to the Swan St bridge. I then did my 15 min effort on the yarra flat loop and ran back up the hill to meet her. There I am busting my gut to run at 5:30/km and people are cruising past me! Oh to run that fast.

Sat; cycle: 44:30 | 17.46km | 23.54km/hr. Quick & easy spin to Williamstown. I used to be so comfortable on the bike. That isn't the case currently. I plan on rectifying that.

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