Friday, June 17, 2011

Mixed bag

A good week this one. We had our final bench top installed yesterday. Woo hoo, no more chipboard as a prepping surface! This one can be wiped down properly. The blue protective covering will stay on until we get the floors sanded, but I tell you it's an improvement. Think brown cupboards and a cream laminate surface. We'll be looking for stools to go under the bench and deciding on a splashback to cover that brown brick this weekend. Down to the fun stuff!

During the week I cooked trout like this and I tell you what, it's a winner. You could do away with the sugar, the mirin is sweet enough and it takes about 3 mins to cook. You could marinate it in the morning and then bang, you're done. Served with a side of blanched snowpeas and coleslaw. Delicious.

Finally I have adored my newly cropped hair this week. I had it cut last Friday. I knew I wanted short but in all honesty I was afraid of the Man's possible negative reaction. I wish I hadn't waited so long. He likes it and I love it. Plus it holds up after running and cycling. Just ruffle and I'm good to go. My longer hair would have just been limp. Oh and those nails? Shellac. I had them done last Thursday. Yes over a week ago and they're still going strong. Not a chip in sight. Awesomeness I tells you. Awesomeness!

Run: 2:00:25 | 18.66 km | 6:27/km. Long run done! The forecast for this weekend isn't great and I didn't want this hanging over me. I waited for a clear break in the weather and went for it. Windy though. I don't run well in it and didn't feel as though I ran well today. Three days in a row of running and I'm looking forward to tomorrow as a rest day or some active recovery.

Thurs; run: 54:08 | 8.38 km | 6:28/km. Strength session. I procrastinated big time on this one. I knew it was going to hurt. And yes it did. I ran 4.5km of hill repeats and was shattered.

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