Friday, June 3, 2011

The fog is lifting

Maybe it was post race blues, but something wasn't sitting well with me this week. I kind of lost my mojo for exercise and eating well.

I hardly cooked, I ate waaay to many marshmallows and every run session has been preceded by massive bouts of procrastination. I did something I promised I wouldn't do and moved today's planned long run to Sunday (the weather wasn't awesome this morning). Basically the complete opposite to last week.

It's odd, because it's been a good week. I have ticked many many things off a long to do list which makes my virgo heart sing with joy, including having my cracked iPhone replace for free. For free! The speed sessions have boosted my running confidence (sub 6min kms!). And I'm keeping up with the strength sessions.

But I have been tired, not drinking water, not eating well, feel like I've put on weight (hello marshmallows) and have developed a runny nose. Which are probably all contributing to the meh-ness.

So I sat down this morning and meal planned. I shopped this afternoon and I can't wait to try out some new (to me) healthy and tasty meals next week while getting back on the Fitday bandwagon. And after my long run on Sunday I'm totally treating myself to a coconut water. I'll run three hours for coconut water. Whatever gets me out there, right?

Run: 41:15 | 7km | 5:53/km. Speed session. Main set 10x 30s efforts with 30s jogging.

Thur; ride: 40m | 10km | 15km/hr. Commute on the slow bike to an appointment in Williamstown. Windy! Spent a lot of time with hand holding my skirt down.

Wed; run: 50:06 | 8.22km | 6:05km. Comfortable run.

Tues; run: 1:00:25 | 9.95km : 6:04/km. 3 km time trial with warm up and super long cool down because the immobiliser failed to work and wouldn't open the car door, so I had to run home and get another beeper. 16:28 for the 3km, a 20s improvement.

Mon; run: 30:14 | 4.66km | 6:29/km. Recovery run/making up time after yesterdays run given three hours was on the schedule and only two and a bit hours were run. Felt tired.

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  1. Good work working through that fog... I also love that your "treat" is coconut water! I have to promise myself milkshakes to get through long runs ;)