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October 2010

I've just come out of hibernation.
It's been a long wet winter here in Melbourne town and I'm ready to start moving again. I've found myself wearing a "winter coat" I perhaps shouldn't be and I was this close, this close to heading to big chain pharmacy and getting myself some powdered concoctions to slim myself down. But I'm not crazy you know. I've decided to do it with exercise and eating right instead. 

I've got a plan. It's all about calories in vs calories out. I'm a huge fan of FitDay. It's my tool of choice. I do count calories, I have to, it's pretty much the only thing that keeps me honest.

It's about being organised each week, about having fresh vegetables and fruits readily available. I'm a pescetarian, while I eat fish out, I tend not to cook a whole lot of it. I like vegetables, I really do. I live with a man who thinks you cannot make friends with salad who could eat his body weight in fried food for weeks and still lose weight. This throws up some challenges.

I'm not fussed about low fat. I prefer my milk that way, but I find artificial sweeter upsets my stomach. So generally it's not worth it.

It's about moderation (and moderation in moderation!) I absolutely have a sweet tooth and I pretty much have a piece of chocolate everyday. 

Most of all it's about exercise. I love being outside, I love moving and I love seeing what my body is capable of.

Here goes...

October 2013

Oh things change! A lot of what I have written still stands.

However the only low fat option that enters my shopping cart these days is cottage cheese. I am on the full fat (sometimes organic) dairy band wagon.

I no longer live with the Man. Turns out you cannot keep a boyfriend with salads. Or that one anyway. He didn't take to my career change either, I went from stable Mon-Fri 8-4 to all sorts of crazy, including nightshift. With those two crosses against my name, he saw no future. And so we amicably parted ways. It hurts, but it is what it is.

So I remain here, trying to live the healthiest life I can. I occasionally post pictures of the food I eat during the day in hope that it inspires others to chose a nutritionally sound option. I am no registered dietitian, but I'm also no longer carrying around 10 extra kilos that I did in my early 20s. 

This is my ongoing journey to another Ironman before 40! Five years prep should do it.

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  1. Hi Casie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I am a researcher in weight loss. It is not about calories in vs out, really , the body is more complex than that.
    I work with one of Australia's foremost obesity experts, and what we agree on is to increase the protein and cut carbs, this will give you more energy and help with the weight loss, and this is what he practices.
    But, hey, you are doing super, girl! Do you live in Northcote? I recognise the photo of the 'hood!
    best regards,
    Cilla (sassydrcil)