Friday, May 20, 2011

Hindsight a wonderful thing. When we were in NYC we checked out a couple of bike stores and when I saw the clif shot bloks (that I so frequently read as snot bloks) I knew I had to get me a packet. I tried them for the first time today and I really liked them, even though they do get a bit stuck in your teeth. It's kinda nice to eat, rather than sucking on gels. I think this flavour may be discontinued though? Cran-razz. Such a shame. Given how well they went down I'm prepared to try the others.

I felt a little tired for my three hour run today. Not ideal. I had one goal and it was to be faster than last weeks long run. It didn't matter how much, but it certainly involved concentration. In the end I did run faster and over a harder course, because this foreshore run is subject to far more wind than a river run.

Run: 3:08:20 | 28.08km | 6m43s/km. Just faster than last week! I think I could have done a little better had I rested yesterday and got more sleep last night. I had some reals highs and lows on this run involving plenty of self doubt.

Thurs; commute: 1hr | slow. First time on the slow bike since I've been home! A ride into the city to meet a friend for lunch. This was after my run, my legs were shot.

Thurs; run: 48:29 | 7.71km | 6m17s/km. My first Williamstown foreshore run in a while. This is where next weekends half marathon will be held. A good reminder that a hell of a headwind can make it slow going on the way home.

Wed; run: 33:46 | 5.4km | 6m15s/km. A lap of the tan and a bit. This run was well short of the 1:20 I was meant to do. I'll be making up the time tomorrow.

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  1. It is all together a fresh feeling to run, when the shores are in your sight.