Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If I'm to be honest, I want to run the Gold Coast marathon 2 kilos lighter than where I'm currently sitting at. It's a bit scary to put it out there. However it's entirely doable given there's just under three weeks to go.

This was yesterday's food, bought to you by the tomato. While it was a rest day and I totally slothed it, catching up on Downton Abbey, Masterchef and Offspring, 1320 cals is still feels too low. Not so much on the day, but definitely the next.

It still doesn't feel restrictive by any means and I am more mindful about my food choices and what goes into my mouth. It encourages me to eat a wider variety of foods, source wholefoods (excluding marshmallows) and really put some effort into meal planning. And at this stage it doesn't feel obsessive, which is a huge bonus. Because I've been known to get that way.

I can totally do this. I can race lighter!

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