Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Short memory

The best thing about running is the fact that you can do it anywhere and generally straight from your front door. I love that. But I was feeling as though it was time to mix things up again. Finally I got my scooter up and going again and 15 min down the road I was off to start my run in Essendon, still by the Maribyrnong river.

I went to run through the Wetlands again, but the were workmen on site, so instead I followed the bike path to steele creek. And I hit hills. I'd forgotten about hills. Not quite L'Alpe d'Huez. But it still hurt! I've been avoiding them because I know the Gold Coast Marathon is flat, but really I should incorporate them back into my weekly running, because if I can run strong on the hills imagine what I can do on the flat!

I was treated to some giant thistles, gorgeous birds and the changing leaves. I'm looking forward to exploring there some more.

Run: 50m 02s| 8.03 kms | 6m 14s/km. I started off far too fast. Never mind the hills slowed me down significantly.

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