Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home, sweet home

We touched down in Melbourne this morning at 6:00am. After 23 or so hours flying and about four hours sleep it's lucky my eyes are still open.

I've been catching up on washing, removing two months of accumulated dust and going through my mail. My race number came for the end of month half marathon I entered prior to leaving. A nice reminder that I've got to get back into running consistently from tomorrow.

I am seriously questioning the wisdom of running a marathon in two months time. In fact I'm more than a little nervous. Fingers crossed. I'm optimistic because I have time on my side - in that I'm not working and there should be no excuses with regards to getting training in and I'm no longer carrying an injury (I had some major foot pain prior to leaving). The downside being that all the eating out we did was not good for my weight. I'm a couple up from when I left. And the one or so run I did a week wasn't quite enough to maintain the fitness. Here's to a challenge!

I plan to post retrospectively, because in between all the eating I was able to run, get on a bike, take a hike or two and do a whole lot of walking.

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