Saturday, May 28, 2011

Admitting defeat

At the start of the week I set myself a challenge: 10 things, with the tenth being 10 consecutive days of Bikram yoga. I decided yesterday after four (only four!) days I'm done. I love 'regular' yoga, I always feel so good after doing it, the same cannot be said for Bikram yoga. I can't see the point of continuing with something for an 1:30 each day that I'm not loving. I already have running in my life ;).

I was so prepared to love this and I'd definitely urge anyone who's thinking about it to try it, because there really is nothing like that 38-39C room! However I can't get over the fact that the initial breathing exercises make me feel sick. It seems in the heat all the poses that require me to put my head back make me feel ill, which may be due to incorrect technique, but uh, ill! There's also a few poses that require kneeling/sitting on your knees, I've tried and I find it incredibly painful and in Bikram there seems to be no workaround, whereas in regular yoga I've been actively encouraged to sit cross legged if I find it painful. So I'll continue on with the water drinking, vibram wearing, strength training etc, and next week I'll seek out a 'regular' yoga class or two.

Fri; Run: 51:25 | 8.8km | 5m50s/km. Procrastinated on this run big time. "Speed session".
Warm up 2.5km, main set 4x 1km efforts 1:30 rest, cool down run home. The first three efforts were pretty consistent, the last one out by 15s. I was tired.

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