Friday, May 6, 2011

Going long

While overseas the season was coming out of winter and into spring. I was surrounded by green, so seems odd to see the leaves turning like I did on this morning's run. Odd, but still beautiful.

So with regards to the marathon, I've decided to follow the training as per the Gold Coast marathon website. I've jumped straight in and will follow the program. With one change. Long runs on a Friday. It makes sense because it means I can make the most of my weekend with the Man and friends instead of spending two (plus) hours running and the rest of the day in a semi zombie state!

Run: 2:01:04 | 18km | 6m44s/km. I knew this was going to be tough. But I made it harder on myself for two reasons. The gap between breakfast and running was too big and one gel wasn't enough. As a result I really battled from 1:30, but the last 15min were the toughest. I had to stop and walk. Not enough energy at all. I was running with my fuel belt, it's not like I couldn't have put another gel in there. Lesson learned! Added bonus, no asthma. The puffer beforehand helped.

Wed; run: 1:00 | 9km | 6m40s/km. I was hoping for better things on my first run back in town. Having not had any asthma for months it caught be by surprise on this run. I slowed myself down considerably and focused on running with a lower HR than I usually would to minimise discomfort.

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