Monday, May 30, 2011

Challenge recap

At the start of last week I set myself a challenge. It panned out a little like this:

One reading session per day. Minimum 15 mins.
I tend to use the time prior to sleep to read, Mon - Thurs I managed, but being out Friday & Saturday nights meant missing sessions.
Two bottles (750ml) of water to be consumed each day.
I am terrible at drinking water, I'm almost never thirsty, but most likely constantly dehydrated, which is noticeable in my runs. I did well, I hit two 750ml water bottles everyday. Going to Bikram certainly encouraged hydration!
Three strength/small weight sessions for the week.
3/3 and I had fun with this! Each session I'd do a little search on 'youtube' for an arms, abs or butt workout and just get it done. About 15-20min sessions. Doing something different each session kept me from getting bored. I'm keen to keep this up.
Four scheduled training runs
4/4. With a few consistent weeks under my belt since returning from OS I'm feeling better and better about this marathon. I'm in a much better frame of mind than when I ran the Gold Coast marathon in 2009.
Five days of Fitday
4.5/5. So close! We went out for dinner on Friday night and shared 5 or so tasting plates. I can't even begin to log. What I confirmed was that I do indeed need to watch non running days. And the number of raspberry bullets I eat... hmm.
Six-ty second plank per day 7/7. Success!
Seven days of Vibrams - wear them around the house everyday.
5/7. Partial success. Whenever I walked down the street or vacuumed or tidied up/folded washing I was wearing 'em. So ready to try running in them again.

Eight push ups per day. 7/7. Success!
Nine thirty bed time Mon - Thurs.
4/4. I was in bed by 9:30 every night, however because the Man comes to bed an hour or more later it didn't really result in any extra sleep, just a bit of down time at the end of the day.
Ten days of bikram yoga. 4/10. See previous post!

Run: 30:14 | 4.66km | 6m29s/km. Recovery run. Feeling tired and a little tight behind the knees.

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