Monday, October 10, 2011

Melbourne Marathon

I didn't get to run, my ITB injury put paid to that idea. Instead it was all about supporting. I rode to the start line and then around the course with M, to support P. A few people had the same idea, and good to see that the Melbourne bike share got a fair bit of use.

For the most part the weather behaved, I was a little worried for the runners when woken at 5:30am by belting rain but it passed over and apart from a light sprinkle it was clear, if not a little windy.

Our plan of attack was to ride to certain sections of the course to cheer. We had a trusty cow bell that actually garnered many cheers and thanks from the runners. A couple of times P spotted us first because we were making a small racket. Incidentally I overheard a runner remarking that Melbournians don't know how to cheer a marathon, but I can tell you there was a small group of supporters giving it their all at Domain interchange (where the barricades are in the top photo).

Sadly the finish line was a disappointment. At the same time the sub 3 hour marathoners were finishing, so were the sub 2 hour half marathoners. Because of the volume of people we missed P cross the line for 2:53:30*. This is where Gold Coast gets it really right. The 21km starts an hour before the 42km, so there's almost no overlap. Something to think about for MM 2012?

*That's an instant qualifying time for the NYC marathon. So excited for him!!

Sun; swim: 36m | 1700m | 2:07/100m. I was tired after the early start. There's no way I would have swum if it wasn't for the fact that I'd arranged to meet J at the pool. Not an awesome swim, but I'll take it.

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