Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1800 cals

This is what Monday looked like. Plus an additional coffee. And three clif shot blocks, not just the one. And yes, lunch was a protein smoothie, which isn't ideal, but I was time poor. I love sneaking "healthy/diet" food into the Man's day, even better when he enjoys the meal.

I rode & I kickboxed, I totally hit calorie deficit!

How I felt: Stomach wasn't overly pleased with a smoothie for lunch. I added more protein than usual and think it may have contributed to a stomach ache, but thankfully no bloating. It dissipated by late afternoon.

What I'd do differently: Add more veggies to my day. Lunch, I'm looking at you.

Tues; commute: 1:15 on the slow bike.

Mon; ride
: 1:18 | 33km | 25km/hr. I rode with my Mum and the group of ladies she's joined. A bunch of really nice women. Took it easy to Patterson Lakes with the group and then pushed it back to Blackrock into a headwind by myself.

Mon; kickboxing: 45m. I was dreading going back to class. Yes, I've lost fitness, but it's more incentive to go, right? PS. Skipping is hard. So is 10 x 10 sets of push ups with boxing between each set!

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  1. Oh, you're making me miss cycling so much! And flat whites :)