Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monthly totals: September 2011

Run: 6:48:59 | 63.13km
Swim: 2:07:30 | 5900m
Strength: 1:30
Kickboxing: 2:45
Walking: 8:10

It wasn't quite the September I was supposed to have. ITB Syndrome derailed my marathon plans, and midway through the month I essentially had to stop running and start hip strengthening. As a result my kickboxing hours were diminished too.

That said I swam more this month than I did in the whole of 2010! I've enjoyed the swimming more than I'd expected and puts me in a good position if I'm to sign up for a triathlon or two this summer.

The first half of October is all about the beep test. On October 16 I have to reach level 6.10. I'm hoping that I can actually get higher than that in training. I'll also be looking at slowly slowly building up my running again. And get back on the bike. No cycling in September?? Eep!

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