Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I think nerves accounted for my lack of appetite today. I had my panel interview. I'm not sure how well I actually interviewed, the feedback being that I need to believe in my own skills a little more. However I also had some really positive feedback, so let's just wait for the official letter first before celebrations occur!

How I felt? I was a little hungry after my interview, I try to carry a bar around so I have a healthy option. It did the trick. Not pictured were the couple of rice cakes, few jellybeans and satay sauce that went with the rolls. They were accounted for though. Since I've been back on Fitday I've lost somewhere between 0.5-1kg. This is the desired effect!

What I'd do differently? Not much today. Lunch was seriously awesome as was dinner. I think the double dose of protein (smoked salmon & a boiled egg) at lunch helped. And all the veggies in the rice paper rolls were really filling.

Run: 36:25 | 6km | 6:04/km. Slower than anticipated, but again a "long run". No ITB issues, just an incredibly strong headwind for 3km.

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