Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly goals revisited

1. 12,000 steps per day
The average over the week sees me hitting the target. Getting back into some longer rides helps!

2. Two kickboxing sessions (I haven't been in weeks)
Went Mon & Sat. Just have to get to Wed session.

3. Three runs
Yes. Or maybe 2 1/2? Does a small run off the bike count?

4. One bicycle commute
Two bicycle commutes. And two long rides. Bonus!

5. Five days of calorie deficit.
This was easily the toughest. Thursday I missed the mark, and I came pretty close yesterday to going over. The caramel slice was not a wise choice. But you've got to live a little, right? I usually wouldn't track weekends, but I think that's been detrimental in the past.

An hours ride does wonders for the calorie burned values. Riding to work on the fast bike is looking more enticing all the time.

Ride: 1:20 | 35.7km |26.7km/hr. Glorious day for riding. Found some additional road in which to take on a few extra km on my usual Williamstown ride.

: 11m | 2km | 5:50/km. Run off the bike. I forgot how much this hurts.

: 39m | 1700m | 2:17/100m. I am ever thankful to J who agrees to meet me at the pool most Sundays. I'm not sure I'd have the motivation to go if it wasn't for him. 3x 500m. 2x 100 kick.

Sat: kickboxing: 45m. Seriously awesome class. One of the guys who trains with us during the week took the class. He's a machine and pulled out the moves on Sat morning. Best workout in a while. More Saturday classes, yes please!

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