Thursday, October 13, 2011

Resuming normal programming

Today was a good one and I felt like me.
I was able to let go of the anxiousness that Sunday's fitness test is causing me. What will be, will be.

Started the day with a commute on the Gazelle. There is no speed option but slow, whereby you just have to enjoy being on a bike. Do I ever. Then at lunchtime there was time to abandon my desk for a river run. It was an effort, but so very worthwhile. After the work day was done I walked into the city, encountered some huge sculptures, striking against the Town Hall and Cathedral (as part of the Melbourne Festival) and ate dumplings with a friend. Finishing the day off a ride home against the backdrop of a glorious sunset in time to view The Slap. Today bought me joy.

Ride: 1:15 | 20.3km | 16.24km. It's near on impossible to be fast, but still quicker than catching the train!

Run: 21:38 | 4km | 5:25/km. Longest run post ITB injury. Added an extra km and suffered not pain. It was windy and warm out, but seriously, I think this is a PB for 4km :).

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