Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monthly totals: October 2011

Ride: 9:17:00 | 196.4km
Run: 3:18:58 | 33.9km
Swim: 1:15 | 3400m
Walking: 3:40
Kickboxing: 1:30
Strength: 10m

I spent the start of October primarily focused on the beep test. I was nervous prior, but on testing day I felt strong and that I could have advanced past 6.10.

I also got my bike on! Making the commitment to commute a few days a week and adding cycling back into my weekend saw my totals soar. It's not huge volumes by any means, but its a start to being bike fit again.

With regards to running, well I had a couple of weeks break and am slowly slowly making a comeback. My sights are on a 10km in early December.

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