Friday, November 5, 2010

Hold 'em good

When I ordered my new running shoes I also ordered a Spi belt. While my running capris have a pocket, they don't fit my phone and my keys/work pass. It's one or the other, which isn't ideal. I'd read good things about the spi belt over at cool running. I really dislike holding things while I'm running.

I ran to work this morning with half my wallet and a calico shopping bag stuffed inside and it was pretty comfy. There was a bit of bounce noticeable after a stop, but in the end it didn't drive me to distraction. I've run without it stuffed to the brim and it's not bothered me at all. It certainly makes running to and from work just that little bit easier in terms of the flexibility of what I can bring to work/take home.

Run: 1:03 | 9.9km | 06m 26s/km. Run to work. At the 5km mark I did 10x 30s efforts/30 sec rest. I felt a bit tired so I was surprised to see I was faster than my run home on Wednesday.

1 comment:

  1. The Spi belt looks great, what a good idea, I hate carrying things when I run and I hate feeling bogged down with things, can I ask where you got it from?