Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Morning tea

My regular morning tea snack is cranberries & nut clusters (270 cals), but I wanted to test out something a little less calorie dense. These are about 180 cal a bar, significantly less, but equally as satisfying.

I roughly used Kelsey's Muesli Granola Bar recipe, where I left out the coconut and substituted wheat germ for flaxseed and added some chia seeds. I found they benefited from an additional 5-10min in the oven after being cut, to crisp them up further.

The flavour is good, I wasn't madly in love with the texture (maybe I do need to get some flaxseed). They definitely hit the spot at 10:30am but my hunt for an even more awesome baked bar continues, especially since these ones have disappeared...

Commute: 55m | 20.6km | 22.47 km/hr. On cooler mornings I can definitely get away with a pre shower ride and a slow commute on the Gazelle. On the warmer mornings and afternoons when it's blowing a hot northerly headwind I just want to be off the bike. Hence the decision to ride Pearl again this morning. The bonus being that I got to ride to work with my man.

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  1. Yum! Those look good. I make a lovely dense date, walnut and banana loaf recipe I got off taste.com.au yonks ago once a week, and we live off that for morning snacks. Not sure of the calorie count- must be pretty high with all those dates!