Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A kindred spirit

Shopping totally used to be my sport, uh, until I took up sport. I don't love it so much anymore, there are so many other things I could be doing. But I had some time to kill before meeting the man for dinner on Friday night and I was in desperate need of some new sports bras, because I'm pretty much wearing them everyday. Anyway I made my purchases (three!) 25% off thank you very much, and walked out of the store. The security barriers beeped instantly, so I went sheepishly to the nearest counter and asked the girl there to check my stuff.

She did, saw the above purchases and then we got talking about running. She'd just gotten into it, having just run her first half marathon, how it helps her clear her mind, how it's a huge challenge. I think I was there for 15 mins, talking about our races and training. It's so nice to meet like minded people. Randomly at that!

Commute: 1:15 | 20.6km | 16.48 km/hr. First commute of the week. Very cool this morning, but a very warm ride home.

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