Monday, November 1, 2010

Climbing walls

So with another dreary day on the cards yesterday and the first signs of cabin fever, we decided to head into the city to try our hands at some indoor rock climbing. I was excited, but also a little apprehensive. You know, in case I fell or truly realised my fear of heights.

After a little safety intro, we were climbing. I managed it to the top on some super easy climbs, but found myself stuck in the middle on many others. I need to climb with my legs more and resist the temptation to pull myself up by my non-existent biceps. I definitely need to not look down.

Undoubtedly keen to have another crack at this, but maybe on a weeknight. Rumor has it it's less busy then.

Bike trainer: 35m | HR Avg 139. With my weekend continuing I was keen to get out for a run. Turns out we may have tidied up too much over the weekend as I could not find my runners anywhere. WTF?? Instead I caught up with Survivor while sweating it out on the trainer.

Run: 59m | 9.5km | 6m 16s/km. I found my runners and in the afternoon treated myself to a run along the beach. When I say treated it means I took the car and drove myself to the foreshore rather than just heading out the door. So glad I did, had an awesome run from Port Melbourne to Middle Park and back. Felt well hydrated, fueled and strong. These days are what I love about running.

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