Monday, November 8, 2010

Cow up a tree

The run home isn't particularly beautiful. It follows the bike path along a highway. But I do get to run through the Docklands and past the cow up a tree sculpture.

Run: 1:03 | 9.8km | 06m 28s/km. First run of the week - home from work. With two days since the last run I kinda felt this was a little tough. It was pretty warm and I could have been better hydrated. I played tag with another runner who would walk until I passed her, then she'd run much faster than me for a bit and start walking until I'd passed her again. It's awesome to see another runner heading home, but I find it puts me a little off my game!


  1. You're running steadily, they're walking. You win :-)
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  2. Thats something you don't see everyday :-)