Saturday, August 27, 2011

A helping hand

These Chocolate Quinoa Protein bars got me through the week. I'll definitely be making another batch this weekend.

: 45m. Kicking, core and cardio.

Fri; run: 3:15:18 | 30km | 6:31/km. I cracked the 30k mark. Finally!! And I felt good majority of the time. There was a lot of positive self talk - I CAN do this. Pain set in at 28km, but that's a lot later than usual. I tried to drink every 2km and had nutrition at the 45m/1:30/2:15 mark.

Wed; kickboxing: 45m. First session in a week or more... Hard work. Lots of upper body strength - of which I have none.

Tues; run: 1:07:41 | 10.81km | 6:16/km. Running has not felt this effortless in quite some time. Ran home from work and loved every minute. Was prepared to have a battle on my hands, but nothing of the sort transpired. Dare I say it felt easy. Running is never easy!

1 comment:

  1. Hi There Stranger,
    I am happy for you with your running and it being effortless.
    I am trying to get my shit together with it and occasionally succeeding.