Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What snow?

Let's face it there was about as much snow at Mt Buller this weekend as there was when we visited last Easter. After raining all Friday night we opted not to go up the mountain Saturday, same again Sunday even though they'd had 7cm of snow. It wasn't quite enough to cover what they'd lost. So while it was a change of scenery it was essentially a weekend of sloth. Which is kind of what we needed.

So I packed it in yesterday.

Mon; run: 2:02:58 | 19.02km | 6:28/km. I was so hoping this run would go better. After 50 mins I pretty much had to stop every two kms to stretch out my right hip flexor/groin because there was a whole lot of pain - like I'd pulled it. So not ideal. I was hoping to come back strong after all that rest!

Mon; ride: 1:05 | 23.84km | 22km/hr. All part of a vehicular debacle which saw the Man accidentally take the keys to the van. Only too late did I realise the van had parked in the scooter as a result I missed my massage and rode the bike in to pick up the van key.

Mon; kickboxing: 50m. After the events of the day I was exhausted. And while I rocked up I wasn't really there. There was a particularly tricky exercise that I couldn't master and as a result spent a lot of the class trying to catch up on drills.

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