Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slow bike Sunday

Finally we got to explore some of the Federation trail. Straight from wikipedia: Much of the trail follows the historic reservation of the "Main Outfall Sewer" which was built in the 1890s. At that time the sewer was the largest civil engineering project ever undertaken in Victoria.

Had we taken our racing bikes we would have got further. But beware the giant cracks in parts of the path - they would eat a road tire or two!

There are more scenic places to ride in Melbourne, but we decided we'd definitely have another go just to see where the path ends up. Plenty of other friendly cyclists out and about too.

Run: 2:20:14 | 21.53km | 6:31/km. I have not been in love with marathon training this week and was dreading this long run big time. I absolutely knew that once I started I wouldn't regret it. I also had to remind myself that it was at Marathon pace 6:30/km nice and easy. And while initially it was chilly the sun came out and it was seriously beautiful. The river like glass absolutely no wind at all. I was in good company with heaps of people out running, riding and kayaking.

Cycle: 1:10. On the Gazelle.

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