Thursday, August 11, 2011

Next week will be better... right?

The irony being that after six months leave, I go back to work next week!

I'm wondering if my kitchen mojo has replaced my training mojo. It's not really been my week. I haven't had the best sessions of late and the dreary weather isn't exactly enticing me to get out there and do more. When I do get out there I keep engaging the wrong muscles.

I'd rescheduled my massage for today (due to transportation issues earlier in the week), primarily to work on my left hip, but whacked myself so hard on the bath spout in that exact spot that little work could be done there. There was plenty of other muscle soreness to contend with. Official diagnosis from my therapist: ridiculously tight ITB on each side. Touch wood I can still run!

Run: 40:11 | 6.36km | 6:19/km. Another run that was meh. I cut it 20min short and will tack that on to my long run tomorrow.

Wed; run: 1:14:36 | 11.55km | 6:28/km. The main set of this run was 6x 500m efforts, 1 min standing rest. With a warm up and cool down. Moving time average was 6:00/km. My legs were super tight from the kayaking session (a further indication that my form in Tuesday's session was off) and I struggled with form during the speedwork.

Wed; kickboxing: 50m. Plenty of core work and finally some kicking. Turns out my hamstring flexibility needs a whole lot of work.

Tues; kayaking: 1hr. Welcome to Struggle town. Population 1. Me! In hindsight, the full length wetsuit was too much for a morning on the bay with plenty of cloud cover and little wind. Overheating totally zapped my energy. It also didn't help that I hadn't quite pulled the wetsuit up over my shoulders properly, so I fatigued in there very quickly. Once I'd readjusted I did a little better, however as much as I tried to rotate and engage my core, it just wasn't happening for me, I was well behind everyone.


  1. Wetsuit in a kayak sounds excruciating! Hope the answer to your question is YES :)

    (heh- my word verification was reful- so close to refuel)

  2. The past two sessions in the long wetsuit have been totally fine. Then 'bang' a warm morning (I use that term lightly it is still winter). I have a sleeveless wetsuit that I've lent to a friend, in two weeks time I'd say I'll be in that.

    Have you done any kayaking?