Thursday, August 4, 2011

In case you hadn't heard...

Ironman Melbourne

Oh man, how tempting it is to make a comeback for this.
Unfortunately due to my possible work status it's unlikely I could get the training in, if I can't race I sure as hell want to volunteer!

Run: 55:26 | 8.75km | 6:20/km. I was pumped to do my two hour run today, until I actually started running. I'm not entirely sure what was the go, tired? Dehydrated? The epic wind? I ended up making this my 15min effort run. And boy, was it an effort, even with a tailwind. I might try for two hours tomorrow, or I might just give it a rest for a couple of days.

Wed; run: 1:22 | 12km | 6:50/km. Included 15 x 300 hill repeats. That's 9km of running up and down a hill. I was so close to quitting so many times, but I wanted to be able to hold my head up high and say 'yes, I did what my training calendar asked of me'. Today I did that.

I wore the Vibrams for my 10 min warm up and not 10 min cool down on the grassy oval. Trying to ease back into them gently.

Wed; kickboxing: 50m. Lots of core and upper body work. Exhausting fun!

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