Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tour of Gippsland

Boys riding bikes under blue skies. It doesn't get much better!
Caught the first two stages of the Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland, showcasing young, up and coming riders. This is where 2011 Tour de France riders Richie Porte and Matthew Goss started out. Hopefully we were witness to some future champions!

Run: 40:40 | 6.7km | 6:04/km. Lap and a bit of the Tan.
Beep test: Attempt 1. Level 6.5. Attempt 2. Level 7. Score. All hope is not lost! So helps running with someone else. Thanks H.
Tues; run: 50:04 |8.2km |6:07/km. I'm thinking the GPS was off, I did not feel this good at all.

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