Monday, July 11, 2011


I felt surprisingly good straight after the marathon, usually I feel a little nauseous but it never set in. I took a couple of anti-inflammatories that night to ease the pain in my quads and I slept like a log, for the first time in a week. In fact I've had no problems sleeping since the marathon, the same cannot be said for prior. Very happy that resolved itself.

There was however lingering pain in my quads and only my quads. Like someone had taken a hammer to them. Going down stairs, sitting down and standing up were the biggest challenges. The work around for the stairs was going down backwards. Sitting and standing required us to suck it up.

By Wednesday the majority of my pain had gone and we were ready for Byron Bay's coastal walk to the lighthouse. It was slow and a touch challenging for the tired legs, but so very beautiful watching the splashes of a whale on the horizon, dolphins catching waves and a diving sea turtle.

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  1. oooh I just read about your marathon! Congrats!!! You should be so very proud!