Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gold Coast Marathon

It's been a week, finally a report!

Time: 4:50:20 | 42.16 kms | 6:53/km

Run comments:
My goal time was between 4:30 and 4:45. My aim was to run at 6:30m/km, a pace I have easily held in training.

For the first 20km I held a 6:30 pace pretty easily. Or more so I felt as though I was holding back. But something went amiss. I slowed to a 6:44/km pace over the next 5km. It started to get pretty warm at this stage and I along with the runners around me were looking for any shade we could find. From about 28km I was in a world of hurt. I have never experienced quad pain quite like it. Ever. They pretty much turned rock solid and made running very difficult.

At 32km we passed the finish line turn off and I saw the Man. I was about to burst into tears, I wanted to stop and hug him, but had I done that I'm not sure I would have started again. So I high fived him and continued on. There was no way I wasn't going to cross the finish line. The t-shirt alone was worth it!

The five km to the 37km turn around were slow going. A lot of people were walking at this stage and I was down to a shuffle with the odd walk thrown in for good measure. I had to resort to heel striking just to keep moving. I averaged 7:20/km for the last 12kms and after 35km did more of the passing rather than being passed.

Running the last kilometre was pretty freaking awesome. There were a shipload of supporters cheering and when I saw my group of supporters I was pretty stoked to see those that had finished an hour and more earlier will still out there cheering! For me! Totally helped me pick up speed for the finishing line.

And then I wanted to cry. Why? Because of the frustration of the pain and the fact that I was finally finished.

In the end I missed my goal by 5 min, but it was a 16 min PB. I'll take it.

What would you do differently?
I did this marathon on the back of (a very consistent) 2 months. Another 4 weeks would have been ideal. Underdone? I'd say so. Over confident? I think so.

My longest training run was 28km. I believe it needs to be in the mid 30s. I now understand the concept of marathon pace. Somehow it didn't compute previously. It does now.

In hindsight I didn't wear the 4:45 pacing band because I thought it was too low a goal to aim for. I wish I'd worn it. That said I don't know if it would have made a difference.

The frustrating thing is I've never experienced quad pain. I felt as though my nutrition was spot on. I drank at almost every aid station and was very well hydrated prior to racing. I did get warm, but I've felt the effects of dehydration and it didn't feel like that. I don't feel as though I went out too hard. So I'm at a bit of a loss as to why it happened. Possibly too much forefoot striking?

Warm down:
Had to contain myself over the finish line. I felt like a good cry. Instead I got some orange quarters, endura and water. I sat down composed myself then headed out to meet the others collecting my medal and t-shirt. Really I was just super relieved to be done.

What limited your ability to perform faster?
Quad pain.

Event comments:
Awesome event. So well organised, plenty of support out on course. 19C in the middle of a Melbourne winter. Yes please!


  1. Congratulations!! 5 minutes is nothing- and going sub 5 with a 16 minute PB is HUGE!

  2. Well done, Casie, I am very proud of you. Awesome effort, I am inspired.