Friday, July 15, 2011


While I consider myself moderately motivated, I am a big procrastinator. There's a lot to be said for answering to someone else. This morning I met a friend at 7:00am for a beep test session. There was no alarm snoozing, no faffing about, I was up, dressed, breakfasted and importantly on time.

Beep test: Attempt 1: Level 6.3. Attempt 2: Level 6.8. Requirement Level 7. Expect to see more beep testing in the future. Ideally I'd like to get to Level 10.

Run: 30:58 |5km | 6:11/km. Took in a bit of the river then a lap of the Tan. A little pain manifested itself in my right hip/upper ITB. I see stretching and massage in my immediate future.

Ride: 42:22 | 17.5km | 24.8km/hr. Felt like a ride? Not so much. But I signed up for a cycling challenge to ride 430 mins during the Tour de France, this ride takes me to 150min. Good weather allowed this to be done outside, beats sitting on the trainer indoors!

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