Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The damage

The week after the marathon became an eating and drinking festival. Celebrating our achievements, a birthday, being on holidays and the warm weather. Mid-week my stomach revolted, causing me a huge amount of pain and effectively put a stop to the volume of low quality food I could intake.

Mentally it was so nice to have a break from counting calories/keeping an eye on what I was eating. I believe this to be highly important if I'm to go on and run the Melbourne marathon in October.

Physically it wasn't so fun. My stomach caused me a great deal of misery (which I will discuss with my doc when visiting next) and of course I put on weight, which was to be expected. 1.5kg, it doesn't seem like much, but when I know how hard it was to take off, it's scary to think how fast it went on!

In the end I craved well portioned healthy food, knowing how much better it made me feel. It made me realise that my every day eating need not feel deprived. I actually enjoy sitting down to a plate of veggies and the occasional sweet treat rather than sheer overindulgence.

Bike trainer: 55m
Mon; bike trainer: 36m

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