Friday, July 22, 2011

Return of the long run

It's been almost three weeks since my last long run. 2:20 on the program was looking a little daunting. But in the end wholly do-able. And I got the most perfect morning, sunny without wind. The t-shirt got it's maiden voyage and I was almost too warm in my long leggings.

I stopped at the half way mark to stretch out my ITB/hips. My right side is significantly tighter, but the stretching certainly helped. I see massage in my future.

I felt a little hungry on my run. I don't like feeling this way at all. I should have run closer to breakfast eating time. I took two Gu an hour apart and felt better after both.

At 45mins I felt awesome, I felt as though I'd really held back and thought about pushing my run out to 2:30. In the end I'm pretty glad I didn't, because from 1:50 it started to get tough for me. This is the stage I need to start concentrating on my form, pace and positive thoughts. It's when the doubt creeps in and the legs start to get a little uncomfortable. I had a quick rest/stretch at 2:00 and considered running the easy way home without the hill, but I persevered up. Sure it was tough, but it didn't kill me.

Rewards a-plenty with coconut water (I still prefer it straight, but this was on special) and the fact that all I have to do over the weekend is a 3km time trial. Yay!

Run: 2:22:15 | 22.03km | 6:28/km.

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