Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reverse taper

I love school holidays. It means there's very few cars on the road, so if one wants to head out on a run at 8:30am one does not have to sit in a mountain of traffic to get across the bridge. Bliss. A run in Port Melbourne was on the cards. In between the rain showers...

Slowly slowly I'm building up my running again. A week and a half off and boy it hurts. Perhaps hurts isn't the right word. It. Just. Feels. So. Hard. But I'm keen as mustard to regain my fitness. I want to run the Melbourne Marathon in early October. I want to run closer to my goal of 4:30-4:45. With some longer runs in the 32km+ region, I desperately want to believe it's possible.

Run: 30:41 | 4.74km | 6:28/km. Marginally better than yesterday. Have decided to use this week to build slowly back to the hour mark. Having major issues with Garmin + HR. There is no way I was running at 208bpm. No way!

Wed; run
: 19:16 | 3km | 6:25/km. Ran around the 'hood. Totally under-fueled, felt very average indeed.

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