Monday, July 18, 2011

Out and about

So yesterday was my first race volunteering experience and I loved it! I was situated at the start line helping to control the many wave starts that Run Melbourne has. They appear not to cap the event and as a result there are a heap of runners and walkers over three distances. I actually really enjoyed the interaction with the runners. I was on their side and I was there to help (hopefully I did) and it was incredibly gratifying to be of use and put people at ease pointing them in the right direction, usually to the toilet!

As much as I wanted to be out there yesterday, it wasn't to be. But I ran for the hills today. Boy does it make running on the flat seem easy.

Run: 50:09 | 8.19km | 6:07/km. Time to get back into marathon training!

Beep test: Attempt 1. Level 5.8. Attempt 2. Level 6.2. Fell well short today. Perhaps should be done prior to run? Or well after. My aim is to run the beep test for another three days this week.

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