Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something beginnning with K

Two new activities, two new ways to punish my upper body. I can barely hold my arms up to type. Last night saw the first, of hopefully many, fitness kickboxing sessions. Lots of push ups, sprinting, burpees, mountain climbers, planks and the hardest for me as a newbie the punching combinations. Having difficulty telling left from right puts me at a distinct disadvantage!

Then this morning it was all about the kayak. At drinks on Friday night I met a girl who has signed up for Coast to Coast it's a multisport race that traverses the South Island of New Zealand and includes a 67km kayak. I was telling her how I've been wanting to try kayaking for ages and that I'd found a beginners group at 6:30am on Tuesday mornings. Dutch courage from the drink had us sign up. So dark and early this morning we were down at the beach ready to paddle. Lots of hard fun work. I'm looking to fit this into the schedule too!

Mon; kickboxing: 45min
Tues; kayaking: 1 hr

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