Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Firsts all round

So last night I convinced the Man to join me in some Mixed Martial Arts. Fun, but slightly confronting times. We picked up a couple of free passes at one of our local take away places and the class was on late enough for him to come along.

Like Con the instructor said, walking through the door is the hardest part. I beg to differ - the high knee lifts were hard! Initially we worked on fitness, then some defense moves. This involved working with partners, wrapping ones arms around sweaty strangers was a little awkward as a first timer. The class was interesting and full of technique for us newbies. Some of the other class participants were really helpful in instructing us as their partners, and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

The Man was not overly convinced by it all, glad he tried it but has decided he'll stick with his golfing. However I'm super keen to go back and trial fitness kickboxing, the focus is more on the cardio side and will knock over another thing on the list.

The other first was meeting Cilla for a run this morning. My first real life meet since I've started this blog! Fun to run, chat and of course coffee. We ran Princes Park, soft and flat together at last! Another first for me. All my life I've lived in Melbourne and haven't run the track that's said to be the equally as popular as the Tan.

Tues; mixed martial arts: 1 hr
Run 1: 26:58 | 3.68km | 7:20/km. Running & chatting.
Run 2: 37:02 | 6.37km | 5:49/km. Schedule called for 10x 30s efforts, 30s jogging rest. Did this after the coffee break.

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