Saturday, January 1, 2011

Monthly totals: December 2010

Cycling: 1h 56m | 44.5 km
Running: 7h 19m 24s | 70.12 KM
Walking: 4h

Comments: The lack of cycling was disappointing, but when I think back, we had a lot of rain that was a touch prohibitive. Relatively consistent with the running. I consider anything in silly season a bonus.

While I'm at it HAPPY NEW YEAR and here's the yearly recap.

Cycling: 127h 46m 41s | 2718.02 km (+ 696.06km from '09)
Running: 73h 46m 30s | 678.97 km (-113.45km from '09)
Walking: 43h 20m
Yoga: 8h
Commuter Cycling: 4h 40m (I started to log this with cycling)
Skiing: 4h
Mountain Bike: 3h 55m
Bike Trainer: 3h 30m
Windsurfing: 3h 15m
Swimming: 2h 7m | 5.4km (+5.4km from '09)
Massage: 2h
Strength: 1h 45m
Stretching: 55m
Tennis: 35m
Aerobics: 20m
Indoor rock climbing: 20m

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