Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day 10km fun run

No I didn't win. Somehow I managed to pick up a medal. Consolation prize for missing my PB by 25 sec, perhaps?

I was not pumped to race this at all. Pretty scared about how the old calf was going go and very mindful that I hadn't actually run in a week. The legs and lungs don't respond so well to that.

But in the end happy with the effort and that the calf pulled up very well. Could I have shaved 25 sec off? Probably not, the perceived effort was hard. With three km to go I had thoughts that I'd gone out too hard, but I put them to bed and instead enjoyed the cheers from dressing gowned folk cheering us on as we ran through the camping ground. Happy Australia Day indeed.

Australia Day 10km: 58:24 | 10km | 05m 50s/km

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