Sunday, January 2, 2011

Infolio Portsea Twilight run

I signed up for the 6.7km to keep myself on track over the Christmas/NY period. Foolishly perhaps I went into this run completely oblivious of the course, which when I read the website says this: Point Nepean provides Australia’s most scenic and challenging course with spectacular Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay views. That’s the good bit. The tough bits are the undulating, short sharp hills on the way out and then the undulating short sharp hills on the way back.

Challenging? Yes. I'm pretty happy my heart rate monitor failed to work. I didn't need to see numbers, I knew how hard I was working.

The evening started with an undie run - brave people I tells you. We were then corralled into groups pertaining to our speed and let off at 5 min intervals as the course gets a little narrow at times. For the most part I didn't find it too congested until you got to the 123 steps, which were a forced walk. I found the first three kms ok, the fourth horrible, it was like I was running backwards that many people passed me, I came good at the fifth and felt strong home.

Run: 6.7km | 40m 25s | 06m 02s/km. Pretty much a spot on average time if you look at 2009 results. I'm happy enough to run this pace over that course!

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