Monday, January 17, 2011

The weekend + monday

We had one of those perfect weekends, a good mix of activity, friends, down time and of course some awesome weather.

It started with Saturday morning. I headed out on the bike for a spin in the undulations of Mt Martha. Initially thinking it was a disaster when I confirmed what I've suspected for a few days, I've aggravated an old back injury. I'm having trouble sitting for lengthy periods of time and struggling to bend over. Hello anti-inflams! At first the position on the bike wasn't helping and I was pretty uncomfortable but I warmed up and felt okay for the rest of the ride.

Sunday saw us up early to support our friend running the 28km of the Two Bays Bay Trail Run. If I don't run this next year I'm definitely volunteering! The atmosphere was so friendly. We made signs, I totally stole the "You look hot when you sweat" from Great Race Signs. We got heaps of grunts and some smiles, I think some of the runners appreciated the cheering. At least I hope. These guys and girls were totally inspiring.

Because I didn't run yesterday I ran home today. Quietly happy with my time. And I got a massage appointment booked in for Thursday. Productive day.

Saturday ride: 1:22:00 | 34.7km | 25.39 km/hr
Run: 1:02:20 | 9.87km | 06m 19s/km


  1. Nice pace on the bike and the run! Man, I'm hungry for some trails...

  2. what an awesome race!! Some of those trail runners do take it all very seriously!!!