Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monthly totals: April 2012

Bike: 5:35:52 | 126.84 km
Run: 7:06:21 | 65.6km
Swim: 29m | 1400m
Agility: 48m
Strength: 1:55
Bike trainer: 2:53:30
Horseriding: 3:00
Mountain bike: 4:40
Walking: 1:23

Weight: Same. 62kg. Stayed the same and I can pretty much repeat last months update of: I struggled with my eating this month. I don't eat a lot during the day due to the discomfort it causes, I then find myself lacking energy to workout after work/class and I go home and eat far too much. Where far too much has resulted in binging.

Access to the free pool saw my swim load diminished, but I'd say April has seen my highest riding and running totals for the year. Happy times! As it gets cooler I foresee even more strength and bike trainer.

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