Friday, May 4, 2012

Good things Friday

• I harvested this pomegranate from our tree this morning and plan to enjoy it with some yoghurt later.
• I'm on afternoon shift so I've got the whole morning and a little more to do as I please.
• Part of my morning was spent running. Awesome for two reasons (a) it stopped raining and (b) gosh running, hard but so so good.
• Looking forward to the Puffing Billy run on Sunday.

Run: 53:03 | 8.41km | 6:18/km. 4km of flat, 4km of hills.
Strength: 15 min. Crunches, push ups, shoulder presses, dumbbell flyes, lateral raises.

Wed; strength: 35m. Ahh strength, you save me on rainy days!

Tues; strength: 30m

Mon; strength: 30m

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