Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time keeper

If it were my choice, I'd never wear a watch. I didn't for 11 years while at my old job, because when I did I'd sit staring at it wondering why on earth time was at a standstill. However with new career come new requirements, one of them to accurately record the time. Oh and to be on time!

My choice was the Polar FT40 and I don't regret my choice. I wanted something a little less full on than my Garmin 310XT (which I still love) for the pool, stationary biking and any other physical activities asked of me.

I was initially skeptical that the white rubber wrist band wouldn't stay white for very long, but five months down the track it looks like it did the day I got it.

I love the ridiculously easy to read numbers and the fact that you have the option of having the day of the week included in the date format.

For the most part it records my heart rate accurately. It can be a little dodgy in the pool - like most HR monitors I've ever used, but it is far more reliable at recording my HR than my Garmin 310XT is.

For every session it logs calories burned, the percentage of calories burned as fat, how long you were in fat burning zone vs fitness zone, average and max HR.

There's also a fitness test application within the watch to measure aerobic fitness. But lets face I haven't made use of that yet.

Sat; run: 17:06 | 3.07km | 5:34/km. Vibram run. Short & sweet.

Fri; swim: 18:00 | 1000m | 2:00m/100m. Part PE part my own doing.

Thurs; run & strength:: 30:11 | 5.5km | 5:29/km. There's nothing like healthy competition to push the pace. This was in PE class! Half an hour of strength after the run. Shoulders & abs focus.

Wed; strength: 40m. Included 5 min on the bike to warm up. Hard legs session. I could feel my quads burning.

Tues; bike trainer & strength: 55m spin class + 40m back, biceps & abs in the gym.


  1. I have the FT60 and the fitness test application is bullshit.
    Apparently I am so unfit it's laughable...

    I made those tuna sweet potato thingys. I think I forgot something... mine just fall apart :(

  2. Yeah I also just prop bombed you all the way back to level 7 on fitocracy too... :P