Monday, April 30, 2012

Proud owner

Just when you and I thought no more bikes could be added to the stable, it happened. With just a few clicks too. Ever since we adventure raced I've wanted a mountain bike. As harrowing as mountain biking on Mt Buller when snowing was (not recapped here), it's made me more determined to master the mountain bike. Or at least skill up. Doing so would probably require a bike.

And so imagine the excitement when searching eBay we found a XS Giant Yukon mountain bike going for a very good price with no bids ending at auction on Saturday night. SOLD! To the short one. Big grin.

Took it out for a spin yesterday in Lysterfield park. Fun!

Sun; mountain biking: 1:20 | 12km | 9km/hr. Guesstimate at best. Garmin was on and off and on and off. Mainly because we were stopping and starting and stopping and starting. We did part of the trail we raced last November, I was a little tired from my 9.6km run that morning. It feels weird to thrash a bike so much and I still lack confidence. I'm not at all used to the back wheel slipping and it freaks me out. But I'll get there.

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  1. YAAAAY!
    I'm going out again Sunday if my physio let's me. My shoulder is rooted from my stack, lol.